Comparison Between Old And New Interface Of Blogger

   As we all know about the old interface of blogger. Today we shall discuss about new interface of blogger. There is a little bit difference between old and new interface. This post will mostly depend on images. We shall compare specially Stats and Comments tabs. We have already discussed Stats tab of old interface in blogger. Click here for old Stats tab. The new stats tab shows you many things in new way e.g followers, comments and posts etc. We can also check our traffic sources in a new way. 

   The object of this post is if a person who joins blogger today will also be provided with some basic knowledge of old and new interface. Some tabs are unchanged and some have changes. The specimen will be discussed with the help of images. While comparing old and new blogger all images in 1st position will show old blogger and 2nd image will show new blogger.

Comparison Between Old And New Interface Of Blogger
Comparison Between Old And New Interface Of Blogger

free blogger tutorial

   There is a difference of shape, in old blogger it was in square shape but in new blogger it is in rectangular shape. Contents are same i.e Pageviews today, yesterday, last month and all time history.

blogger training

blogger tutorial

   This is the full overview of last week in the shape of a graph. You may select last 24 hours, month and all time overview.

blogger for beginners

Comparison Between Old And New Interface Of Blogger

   Posts tab is shown like this in the old and new blogger. In the old blogger there you may see date too but in new blogger only the number of visitors is available. Rest of the things are completely same.

blogging in 2019

blogger in 2019

   See the pages tab. There is merely a difference of look. In the new interface only the number of visitors is available but in the old blogger date is also available.

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   This is the only extra tab in new blogger which is not available in old blogger. Here you can see analytics of the last post.

Comparison Between Old And New Interface Of Blogger

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   This is comparison between Audience Pageviews by Operating System. The difference is just in the old blogger it was in the form of percentage and number of pageviews while in the new blogger it is straight way a number of pageviews.

Comparison Between Old And New Interface Of Blogger


   This is Audience tab by browser. Same difference as in by Operating System.

how to create a blog on blogger

how to use blogger

   You may compare the old and new blogger yourselves. I think there is a difference of just the old was a small shape while the new is in large shape.

   You may compare comments tabs. In the new blogger there is another visible change that you can go directly to your google analytics from here. MORE ON GOOGLE ANALYTICS tab will perform this action and you will be redirected to google analytics. This was the complete comparison between old and new interface of blogger.

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How To Use Stats Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger - workwithmir

   Stats of everything is very necessary in daily life. In our homes, workplaces we keep a record of different things. This is called record keeping and this is created systematically. Similarly google keeps a record of all activities of our websites or blogs. Today we shall discuss about Stats tab in dashboard of blogger. How to use stats tab in dashboard menu of blogger? This tab tells us about our blog or website stats i.e overview, posts, traffic sources and audience. We shall discuss all these sub tabs of Stats in following paragraphs. 

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How To Use Stats Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger - workwithmir

1. Overview
   By clicking this tab, the color will be changed to red. This is complete overview of website or blog. This is the collection of rest of the four tabs. You can see here graph, traffic sources, posts views collectively. There are many option, how to view your website overview. Select Now, Day, Week, Month or All Time. All the graphs and stats will be adjusted as you select. 


Above image shows each and everything as you select you will get the same as you want.

2. Posts
   This tab shows the stats of posts. For example your blog has 10 posts. You will see posts titles with published date, number of comments, page views and graph. Similarly you can select time frame as you wish. The graph will automatically adjusted to the time frame you selected. 

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3. Traffic Sources
   While using this tab you will see three things more i.e Referring URLs, Referring Sites and Search Keywords. As the name shows traffic sources, where are you getting traffic from to your website or blog. Referring site just tells about site but referring URL shows the full URL for your traffic source. Search keyword shows the stats of your keywords people search to access your site. 

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4. Audience
   There are also more tabs under this tab to the right side. Pageviews by countries, pageviews by browsers and pageviews by operating systems (OS) are sub tabs of this tab. You can see the stats of your traffic by country. There is a number written in front of each country name, this is the number how much people visited your website from that country. You may see browser stats like chrome, firefox and many others. There is also stats of operating system. You can see which operating system people use to access your site. 

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How To Use Post Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger - workwithmir

   The process of learning can be defined in many ways, learning is possible by seeing, writing or speaking. In the modern age it is very important to have some knowledge of diverse subjects like modern-day technology, enterprise, fitness, commerce, finance, media and different factor like this. Similarly if you want to learn and earn at a time. Then blogging is a golden opportunity to start. For blogging it is very important to select topic wisely and have some knowledge, where to start blogging? For this purpose use the free platform of Google named blogger. But now the question is how to start with blogger? Then you are at the right place, we provide blogger training completely free of cost. After reading our blog you are able to use blogger independently. We use very simple and easy language in this free blogger tutorial.

How To Use Post Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger

  • Sign in to your blog.
  • Now go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click post tab in dashboard menu.
  • There are three sub tabs under Posts tab i.e All, Draft and Published.
  • All means all posts Draft and Published.
  • Draft means the posts under process.
  • Published means the posts have been published.

free blogger tutorial
How To Use Post Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger - workwithmir

   Now when you click All under Posts tab. All posts are appeared in right side. The color of Posts tab and All tab will change to RED. Draft and Published posts will be appeared in right side.

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   Similarly by selecting Draft you will just see Draft posts and by selecting Published, only published posts will be seen. Now if this is required to Edit, View or Delete a post from blog. Just take your cursor to the required post and these option will appear there. You have the choice to see only one post, edit or delete post.

blogger tutorial in 2019

   Are you ready to start blogging and learn blogger for this purpose. Then don't waste your time and start. Please support us with your worthy comments.

how to start with blogger

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger

   Search engine optimization could be very important for each website or blog. Whilst making a website or weblog hold this thing in mind that it ought to be search engines friendly. When we communicate about blogger, there are numerous options about search engine optimization. Those options to be used effectively at the same time as sporting out settings of weblog in blogger.

  • To begin with check in to blogger.
  • Select weblog for which you want to set custom robotic header tags putting.
  • Now scroll down to settings tab in dashboard.
  • From settings choose search preferences.

free blogger tutorial
Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger

  • Inside the right facet there may be a tab of Crawlers and indexing.
  • You may see custom robots header tags under this tab.
  • You'll additionally see this caution from blogger "Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines".
  • Now click on Edit and pick settings like shown in the image underneath.

free blogger tutorial 2019

  • There are three alternatives to pick i.E home page, Archive and seek pages and Default for Posts and Pages.
  • Tick abovementioned objects and your settings are all ok.

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How To Suggest Blog Post To Directories

   In internet marketing we cannot ignore the value of directories. Directories are very important to make back links to your blog, website or products. Companies all over the world use directories to post information about their products and link back it to their products. We can post our blog posts to directories to be expose in internet. 

how to create a blog on blogger
How To Suggest Blog Post To Directories

   Free blogger tutorial will today discuss how to suggest blog post to directories?

  • Go to search engine like google, bing or any other
  • Search for keyword " Free HPR Directories"
  • Select of your choice
   For example we have a directory website , open this site in your browser.

  • Go to Suggest Listing 
  • Variety of Categories will be opened in Drop down window
  • Select category of your choice
  • Enter your Title
  • Enter your listing URL
  • Enter sufficient Description
  • Enter your Email address
  • Enter Contact Name
  • Enter Tags
  • Enter Captcha
  • At the last click Suggest Listing
  • Thats all, you have done
  • See my post for Free HPR Directories 
learn blogger in 2019

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How To Delete A Blog In Blogger? Free Blogger Tutorial

   Creation and deletion are something which go together. Sometime we create something and later we want to delete because we dislike that thing or due to any other reason. In free blogger tutorial we are going to discuss how to delete a blog in blogger? It is very easy process, just in some clicks a blog could be deleted. 

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How To Delete A Blog In Blogger? Free Blogger Tutorial

  • Sing in to
  • Select your blog you want to delete
  • In the left menu scroll down to Settings
  • In Settings menu go to Other
  • Now click Other
  • In right side you see Delete Blog
  • Click Delete Blog
  • You will receive a message window from Google saying that deleted blogs can be restored within 90 days before they are removed forever. You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with. Before you delete your blog, do you want to export it? 
  • If you want to Download Blog then download
  • Otherwise delete blog
  • Your blog is deleted.

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How Crawling and Indexing Works in Blogger? Why Robot.txt file is Important?

   How crawling and indexing works in Blogger? This is a very common question comes in ones mind. This is also a very important question. A blog or website holder should have the knowledge to manage his crawling and indexing option. For this purpose it is very necessary to know What are web crawlers, spiders or bots?

What are web spiders, crawlers or bots?
   Spiders or crawlers are software programs set by search engines to find new information. When a user enter his keyword to search engines. These spiders crawls for the required data indexed in the search engines for that particular keyword. 

How Crawling and Indexing Works in Blogger? Why Robot.txt file is Important?

   Now we shall discuss how to manage crawling and indexing in our blogger dashboard? 

  • Sign in to blogger dashboard
  • In dashboard go to settings
  • In settings go to search preferences
  • Go to Crawlers and indexing
  • go to Custom robots.txt
  • Click on Edit
  • In enable tab click Yes
  • in the box below paste this code
free blogger tutorial

  • Replace URL with your own
  • Click save changes

   This Robot.txt file is a notepad file with extension .txt which tells to search engines for pages crawl and not to crawl. Now if you want to check how much pages of your website or blog are indexed in search engine. Then type this code in search engine and click enter.  site:"". All the pages shown below are indexed in search engine for crwling.

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How To Upload Free Templates In Blogger?

   Every blogger in the world wants to monetize his blog with adsense and other sites like as adsense. For this purpose it is very necessary to have some responsive templates. There are tons of paid and free templates providers in the world. Today I am going to discuss a free templates provider  "seo-boost". We will learn how to upload these templates in blogger.
  • Go to google search engine. 
  • Search keyword seo-boost free blog templates.
  • You can easily find these templates.
  • Download templates zip file, unzip file ans save on your device.
   Now we are going to upload our downloaded free templates file. This is very special, responsive and good looking templates. 

  • Go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Below your blog name, there are many tabs. Go to Theme tab.

How To Upload Free Templates In Blogger?

  • Click theme and a new interface will open.
  • In the new window click on Backup/Restore button.

free blogger tutorial

  • By clicking Backup/Restore button a new window will open.


  • Now look here are two options. The first one is Download Theme, this option is for your existing theme. You click download to backup your existing theme if you do not like the new uploaded theme.
  • Second option is Choose File, this is basically use for uploading new theme. Click this button and select seo boost.xml file from your machine. When it will be uploaded refresh your blog, you are all set.
  • You can customize your blog as you wish.
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How To Create New Post In Blogger?

   After completing basic lessons of blogger settings. Now its time to know about new post. The question is how to create new post in blogger. I shall not waste your precious time friends.

  • First of all sign in to your blogger Dashboard.

  • At the left side you will see the name of your blog.

  • Exactly to the right side of your blog name, there is a tab New post.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

  • Click New post.

  • A new interface will open.

  • In the new interface there is a variety of tabs and tools used while creating a new post. After reading my all posts I hope you are now able to use all these tabs and tools. If you are facing some problems about using these tools see my post Blogger Tools For Creating New Post.

  • First of all write Title of your post, means what you are going to discuss in this post.


  • Below the title there is a joint tab Compose HTML. HTML experts using HTML tab while other using Compose tab.

  • Below this tab there is a variety of tools. These all tools and tabs are used in new post. From here you can write your post in bold form or underline form and Italic form. You have the control to highlight your text or background color. You have the facility to insert URL Links, photos and videos with the help of these tools. You can do tons of actions here. 

  • Use the post setting tools to the right side like as Labels, Schedule, Permalink and many others. If you are not familiar with these tabs then you have to read my post Post Settings - Blogger.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

  • At the last use the Publish, Save, Preview and Close tabs. 

blogger in 2019

  • You can save new post as you write. From here Publish your post.

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How To Create Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimar Pages in Blogger?

  If you want to be succeeded in your life. Then it is very necessary to be a hard worker. 

  “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

  Friends in the modern era it is very necessary to have second and also third source of income. There are many different ways of online earning.  Just search Google for a single word earn online,  tons of websites and methods are available. You can earn with different ways and one amongst these ways is Blogging. For this purpose Google provide us a free platform blogger. Therefore, first of all you should be familiar with blogger. So learn blogger and choose a topic of your interest and start blogging.

free blogger tutorial
How To Create Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimar Pages in Blogger?

 Today we shall learn about creating different pages for our blog in blogger. So don’t worry it is very easy to creat pages. We shall learn how to create Contact us, About Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. These pages are very necessary for a blog. It is also necessary for a website or blog SEO. So friends We will not waste more time. We shall start, how to create.

  First of all login to your blogger dashboard. On the left side scroll down to Pages. Click on Pages option and you will see different options. These all are about Pages.  Now click on New Page and a new interface will open. 


  You are already familiar with creating a new post in blogger. You will see the interface like that.  Now write down your desired page title in the title bar i.e About Us.  In the body section just write about yourself. That should be your Name, Address, Your Link and Contact Number etc.  Similarly You can create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. Search Google for Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for your blog. Copy the content of the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages and paste in your body section. Remember that the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer should be free of Copy Right, Otherwise it may suspend your account. So use the Advance Search options while searching Google. After creating all your required pages, Publish these pages.

how to earn with blogger

 Now that you have created your pages so display these pages on your blog. In the left side dashboard section. Scroll down to Layout option. Click Layout option and a new interface will be opened.

blogging and blogger

  You should display pages in the sidebar section or footer section. I have managed it in the footer section. In the footer section, click on “Add a Gadget”. A new window will be opened, now scroll down for Pages tab. Click the + sign next to Pages tab and a new window will be opened. Configure pages as you want. Just select a title for your pages. I have selected Blog as title. You will see all your created pages below, just check the pages you want to display on your blog and click Save and Save arrangement. All your pages will be saved and displayed on your blog. 

blogger in 2019

blogger tutorial pdf


 To create Contact Us form, it is very easy. Just click on “Add a Gadget” in the footer or sidebar section of Layout. From the new opened window just add the Contact Form to your blog. Save and Save arrangement and you are all set. 

blogger training


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