Search engine optimization could be very important for each website or blog. Whilst making a website or weblog hold this thing in mind that it ought to be search engines friendly. When we communicate about blogger, there are numerous options about search engine optimization. Those options to be used effectively at the same time as sporting out settings of weblog in blogger.

  • To begin with check in to blogger.
  • Select weblog for which you want to set custom robotic header tags putting.
  • Now scroll down to settings tab in dashboard.
  • From settings choose search preferences.

free blogger tutorial
Custom Robots Header Tags Settings For Blogger

  • Inside the right facet there may be a tab of Crawlers and indexing.
  • You may see custom robots header tags under this tab.
  • You'll additionally see this caution from blogger "Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines".
  • Now click on Edit and pick settings like shown in the image underneath.

free blogger tutorial 2019

  • There are three alternatives to pick i.E home page, Archive and seek pages and Default for Posts and Pages.
  • Tick abovementioned objects and your settings are all ok.

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