Thursday, July 5, 2018

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

   Now that the settings have been discussed, its time to learn, how to get traffic to your blog or website? There are many ways to get traffic and index our blog high in Search Engines. If you have not learned in the past don't worry the future is yet in your power. Read my previous posts about blogger dashboard settings here. So start today and build your future. Now some tactics are listed below for getting traffic to a blog or website. 

1.  Title
   Title of your blog should be unique. Use unique keywords for the title of your blog. Search keywords for your title here.

2. Description
   Write a brief description for your blog. Keywords should be strong. These should be related to your blog and define your blog. Irrelated descriptions will not get traffic for your blog. 

3.  Content Writing
   Write your own content. Don't copy anyone. Contents should be unique. If not required don't use heading and sub heading. Only plain content is more stronger source for traffic and SEO.

4.  Comments On Others Blogs
   This is the more powerful source of getting traffic to your website. Search for blogs related to your blogs and write comments. search for dofollow blogs and paste your blog link also with your comments. It will grow your blog traffic.

5.  Online forums
   Search for online forum related to your blog. Register on these forums and participate in different types of discussions. When you will be a trustful member in front of admin. Then he will not warn you about your link posting in discussions.

6.  Write Posts Frequently
   Write posts frequently. This will refresh your blog like comments. Comments also refresh blogs. spread your knowledge to the world don't keep this with yourself. 

7. Use of Social Media
   Social Media is the strongest weapon for getting tons of traffic to your blog or website. Make a business page on facebook and also make a group for that page to grow. The page grows the blog grows. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,delicious, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon,vk etc are the most top social websites. Make account on these sites and make a community. After some time you will be able to get traffic to your website or blog.

8.  Use of Search Engines
   Search Engine is the type of website where user data can be searched. Almost 75% internet users serch their required data through search engines. If the data will be indexed in search engines it will be searched. The leading search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

9.  HPR Directories
   Search google for high page rank directories. Start posting your blog to these directories for getting traffic. Below is a list of some Directories for posting your blog.

10. Use links of other bloggers in your blog. There is a chance he will also post your link in his blog.

 11. Use your blog URL as signature in email. There is a chance one will click on your signature and you get traffic.

12.  Promote your blog on HPR classified sites. Here is a list of some classifieds sites where you can get real visitors to your site.

13.  Promote your blog or website on HPR wiki sites. Search wiki sites using Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engins.arch wiki sites usin

14.  Write articles about sites on HPR article sites. Search Google for article sites.

15.  Where it is necessary use software for promotion of website or blog. 

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Post Settings - Blogger

   Today I am about to start my post with these golden words "Start where you are, use what you have, Do what you Can." Some peoples afraid and they think that They have nothing to start with. It doesn't matter just start with available sources and try to do your best. I personally think that every man in this world has some God gifted powers and thoughts. So be positive and start what do you have. So friends I want to start new post here.

   By clicking New Post in Blogger You will see interface like this.

Now look at the right side highlighted options, this is our topic. We will discussed these options today. The available options are Lables, Schedule, Permalink, Location, Search Description, Options, Custom Robots Tags.

   These are basically used for what your articles or post about. If your blog is about online earning. There are thousands of ways of online earnings. Let suppose your posts are about PTC sites, Captcha Work, Blog Writing etc. Now you can manage all these posts here. Click lables option and a box will be appeared. Write down your required lables in the box separated by a comma.

   This tab is having two more options i.e Automatic and Set date and time. By selecting Automatic option your post will be published automatically when you click Publish Tab. While the other option is used for Schedule. If you want to not publish post automatically, then just click this option and select Date and time for your blog publishing. Let suppose you have written three posts and you want to publish these posts intervally.  Just schedule your posts as you want.

   This tab has also two more options i.e Automatic Permalink and Custom Permalink. Selecting Automatic Permalink will give automatic URL link to your post. For Example Look at the highlighted text and keep in mind. Now I want to select Custom Permalink. A box will appear, just write something in this box. Let suppose I want to write EARNING and click Done. Now the link will look like This is now the shot link as you wanted.

   It is used for your post location. It has not a great effect on SEO. You may get benefit if someone is searching about the location as you mentioned for your post. Then there is a chance to show your post also in search.

Search Description
   This is very important for SEO. Write a strong description for your blog. Search Engines will search your description and your blog will be ranked by search engines.

   There are some options i.e you want to allow reader comments or don't allow. You may select composing mode and line breaks.

Custom Robots Tags
   Keep this options as default. For more setting please CLICK HERE.


Friday, June 15, 2018

Blogger Tools For Creating New Post

   The training is still continue. Be patient all topics will be covered slowly. Everyone in this world want to earn some extra money. Now a person which has enough time to spend online but he doesn't know how to earn. Keep believing your self and move forward in the life. Now if you have enough time to spend, then it is necessary to have some learning for your success. If you want to start your career by writing blog. Then you are at the right place, here all topics of blogger will be discussed deeply. This post is about, how to use tools of blogger. Friends, lets start.

   Above image is tolls of blogger.

   These are the two available options for writing a blog. If you are HTML specialist then use HTML. If you don't know how to use HTML then just click on Compose and start writing in normal language. When you starts with normal , Blogger automatically converts your plain language to HTML.

   These option are used for Undo and Redo. While creating a post you make some mistake. Just click on the first button and your task will be Undo. Shortcut for this option is Ctrl+Z.The next option is Redo. If mistakenly you click on Undo, and you want that was mistakenly done. Then just click on the Redo button and keep on moving. Shortcut for this option is Ctrl+Y.

    These options are use for your post Font and Font Size. From the Font tab select Font for your post. The best is the Default Font. You can select another one also. From the Font Size tab you can select size. The best option is Normal.

   From this tab you can select the Format of your post. There are three types of headings and the other one is normal. Select Normal format for your post because this is best for SEO. Ads of advertising Companies are provided on Normal contents not on Headings. 

   Bold, Italic and Underline. These three options are used for your post contents display. How the contents will be look like. You can keep Bold, Italic or Underline. As you wish.

   This is the Strikethrough option. When an author write a post and publish it. After some time he thinks that any part of the post is now not valid for the readers. Then by updating the whole post, he just Strikethrough the required contents of the post. Example of Strikethrough is as below;
This is not for readers.
Just select the content you want to Strikethrough and click on Strikethrough tab.

   These options are used for Text Color and Text Background Color. You want to give some other color to your text. Just select the text and click the first tab and select a color. Now you want to highlight the text, change the color of its background.Just select the text and click on the second tab and select a color.

    These all are inserting option. You want to insert different things like Link, Image, Videos, Special Characters and Jump Break. By clicking the Link tab you will be directed to a window. There you write text and web address you wish. You can also insert an email address. 

  • Next you want to insert an image to your post. There are many option how to select an image. For example from your computer, from this blog or from a URL etc.
  • Next one is inserting Videos tab. Just click and insert a video to your post. You can also upload a video from youtube.
  • Next option is for inserting Special Characters. From here you can select punctuations, arrows, symbols and emojis etc.
  • Next option is available for insert jump break. You want to separate or divide your post. Just click this option and a breakable line will be inserted to your post.

   It is used for, where to arrange your content on the page. From Left. right, Centre or justify. Justify is the best option.

   If you want to define something step wise and want to give numbers to the content. Just click on the 1,2,3 tab, your content will be automatically numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. If you to just give bullets instead of numbers. Simply click the bullets option.
    Select this option if you want to write something in Quote form.

   This is very important option. If you want to copy some content from a website and paste it in your post. Now you copied the text, the same format will be pasted to your post. May be there are ads on this text. That will also be copied. Therefore this is very necessary to format text. Just copy the text and at the time of pasting to your post, press Shift+Ctrl+V. And the text will be normally pasted to your post.

   The first tab is used for Check Spelling. While creating a post just keep it on for spelling checking.

  • Next option is available for translation. Drop down tab is for selecting the language. 
  • The last options are Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left. These are used for your writing option, where do you want to write from?

   Thanks for reading this post. CLICK HERE for more settings.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Blogger Settings

   Man from millions of year trying to gain more and more knowledge. There is a thirst of knowledge to everyone in this world. Today when the world is like a global village. Everyone is connected to internet and explore many things according to his wish. You can find millions of answers for your desired questions. The Print Media and the Electronic Media also has a vast role in delivering knowledge to the world. For a word or phrase, you want to get answer about, just search internet and you will find your answer in seconds. But all the answers will vary with each other. Like as there are many blogs, articles and websites available on free tutorial of Blogger. I also tried to write something about blogger training. In my previous posts I have discussed blogger from initial and today I am here with a new post. Today I will write about Email, Languages etc and other setting.

   Scroll down in Dashboard and click Settings tab you will find here Email, Language and Formatting, Search Preferences and other setting. Now I will discussed these settings in following paragraphs.

   The first tab here is "Posting using email". Here you can save your desired email address, where you want to receive your post. It has three more drop down options i.e Publish email immediately, Save emails as draft post and Disabled. This is just like your dashboard, you receive an email instead of your direct dashboard. If you to publish that email immediately, your post will be published immediately. If you want to save as draft then the email in email address will pending and will not be published immediately. The best option to select is Disabled. You will not receive your post through email and will be published directly from your blogger dashboard.

   The Language tab has two options i.e Language and Enable transliteration. From language tab you select your required language, in which you want to write. From Enable transliteration tab you can enable translation.

   First select Time Zone according to your country. Then select times format for your blog. Select time formats as you wish. How to look top time and date format and comments time and date format, it depends on you.

Search Preferences 
   In search preferences  write a powerful description for you blog but not more than 150 characters. the keywords should be chosen very carefully. This will be searched by search engines and will rank your page.

Errors and redirections  
    Custom page not found tab is used if you want to give a message to customer when there is some problems with the page or page is not opening. You can set here a message. Custom Redirect tab used to show alternate page instead of the original page. You can paste here another page URL and save it.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Blogger Settings - Posts, Comments and Sharing

   Now after learning basic settings of blogger. I am here with a new tutorial of blogger and the topic is Blogger Settings of Posts, Comments and Sharing. As the topic name describes itself that after creating a new blog. How to show your blog posts to the world? How many posts you want to show one your home page? How people should comment your blog? And how to share your blog to the world for high page ranking? All these questions will be briefly discussed here for your understanding. Let it be answered here step by step.

  • First of all there is option of "Posts".  Below the Posts there is an option "Show at most", it means how much posts you should have on main page. Default for this option is 7 Posts. You can select 7 or below 7 posts. The less number of posts is helpful for SEO. Let suppose a person lands on your blog, if there is a high number of posts on your main page. It will take more time to load page, is one of the big reason for boredom. He will enjoy if he click on your blog link and it load instantly and fast. The best is 5 posts to select on main page. Here you can also select posts according to Day. If Days is selected, a limit of up to 500 posts will be enforced.
  • "Post Template" is the next option in post setting. By clicking this, a box will open, here in this box you write a word as you wish. This word will show in all your posts. It has no great affect on SEO if not selected.
  • "Showcase images with Lightbox" has two options i.e Yes and No. It should be on Yes position. It means, if your blog contains some images. Now a person want to click the available picture on your blog. Then it will show as the background will be dark and the picture will be visible. If selected No then the clicked picture will be opened in new tab.
  • Secondly there is setting of "Comments". Below the Comments there is an option "Comment Location", and this option contains more four drop down options i.e Embedded, Full Page, Popup Window and Hide. These are all about, how comments on your posts should be look like. The best option is to select Embedded. It will show all comments attach to the post. If select Full Page, it will open a new full page, similarly Popup window will open a new popup window for comments. You can select Hide option for hiding the comments of your post.
  • Next option is "Comment Moderation". If select Always option from here, all comments will first show in your provided email. And you are able to recommend and approve. Sometime option is not reliable as Always, because it will sometime shows in your email. The Never option means that I don't want to moderate comments. It will be directly approved and recommended, which is harmful to your blog. Anyone can attach viruses and malware to your blogs with the help of HTML Code. Therefore select option Always from this window.
  • Option "Show word verification" is describes as, when anyone want to post comment to your blog. And the option is selected Yes. Then he will automatically be asked to solve the word. This is just a security option. It has two options Yes and No. Select always Yes option.
  • "Comment Form Message" this option tells you that a person comments on your blog. You should have an auto message for him. The message should be in good manner and civilized.
  • Last options are about Sharing your blog. Make a Google+ profile and share your all posts to Google+. It will make your ranking high.
   These was Settings of Posts, Comments and Sharing. Further we will discuss more Settings. Be connected.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

   Now that the settings have been discussed, its time to learn, how to get traffic to your blog or website? There are many ways to get tr...