Bloggers around the world want to do better search engine optimization on their blogs and for this purpose meta description and meta keywords can play an important role. Actually, the meta description and meta keywords describe what content you have on your blog. Usually, the default blogger templates and other custom blogger templates are not well optimized using the meta description and keywords. So you need to work to make your template SEO friendly, to rank your blog and increase blog traffic.

Proper blog positioning helps search engines find your blog. Therefore, in these posts we will discuss how to add meta description and keywords in blogger templates. let's move on and take a step towards the tutorial. 

meta data keywords description
How To Add Meta Tags In Blogger Template

Adding meta description and meta keywords to blogger

Everything you need to get to the blogger template. Then look for the <head> tag. Replace the highlighted text below with the most relevant keywords and the right description for your blog.

<meta content='Description goes here' name='description'/>

<meta content='Your blog keywords' name='keywords'/>

meta keywords and meta description
How To Add Meta Tags In Blogger Template

Copy and paste above tags just below <head> tag.  Save template and you are all right.

Adding meta description to blogger without using html

 First of all go to your blogger dashboard. From there go to Settings tab. Now select Search Preferences. In search preferences first thing is Meta tags. Description is the first tab below the meta tags. You have to click on Yes and enter a unique description for your blog about 150 characters lengthy and click Save Changes. 

But there is no option for keywords so you have to enter your meta keywords using your blogger templates for this purpose.

meta data of blogger
How To Add Meta Tags In Blogger Template

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