You have now signed up with blogger and Gmail address.Now you are ready to create new post on blogger. But prior to posting it is very necessary to have knowledge of blogger, mean how to use blogger. Because without knowledge it is very difficult to start with blogger. Here I will discuss Dashboard of blogger in succeeding paragraphs.

Go to and sign in with Gmail address. You will see a button saying "Create New Blog", click this button and you will be redirected to blogger dashboard. 

On the left hand side find the dashboard.
  •  At the top you will find "View Blog", by clicking this an existing blog will be opened in new tab. 
  • Next is "Posts", when click you will see 3 more drop down options i.e All, Draft and Published. All means your total posts. Drafts are the posts still not published and Published are the posts which are running. 
  • "Stats" is the next option in dashboard, having more 4 drop down options i.e Overview, Posts, Traffic Sources and Audience. Overview is all about page views, means how much times your page was viewed Today, Yesterday, this month and all time history. It also shows your blog Followers. Posts is showing you how much times your blog posts have been viewed. Traffic Sources tell about, where traffic is coming from. The last one is Audience, which shows the number of Audience country wise and also differentiate between gender.
  • Next is "Comments". Here is also three more options i.e Published, Awaiting Moderation and Spam. Published comments are the recommended comments. Awaiting Moderation are still in reviewed. And the Spam are the comments which are not acceptable or may harm your blog or website.
  • "Earning", this option is available to link your blog or website to adsense for earning money from Google adsense program
  • "Pages"., this options is for creating new pages in your blog.
  • "Layout", as the word describes itself. From this option you can select different things that how your blog should be looked like. 
  • Select Themes for your blog from the option "Theme".
   Hope this post will be helpful. In the next post I will discuss Basic Setting of Blogger.

how to use blogger
How To Use Blogger Dashboard