A blog is basically a publication on the web, where thoughts, emotions and feelings can be expressed. Blogger is a free website where blogs can be created. Blogger is also used as a diary. Anything like Health, Education, Software, Mobiles, Online Channels, Online Shopping and Online Earning can be expressed here. At this platform one can expressed himself also. Blogger is basically working under the flag of Google. Here you can create your free blog and also from this blog you can earn money. Blogs are your own thoughts which can be discussed and expressed in any form. Here you can write an article, also videos can be posted. A perfect blog is a mixture of article, images and videos.

What Is Blogger

   When it is required to create a blog on blogger then it is necessary to have an email address. And email address other than Gmail is not acceptable because both these are Google services.

free blogger tutorial

   To sign up with Gmail first of all type mail.google.com in your browser. A new window will be opened. From there you can sign up with free gmail account. Enter first and last name, username and password. After 1 minutes you are ready to use your gmail account. It is very important to have the same username as of your blog.

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