Now after learning basic settings of blogger. I am here with a new tutorial of blogger and the topic is Blogger Settings of Posts, Comments and Sharing. As the topic name describes itself that after creating a new blog. How to show your blog posts to the world? How many posts you want to show one your home page? How people should comment your blog? And how to share your blog to the world for high page ranking? All these questions will be briefly discussed here for your understanding. Let it be answered here step by step.

  • First of all there is option of "Posts".  Below the Posts there is an option "Show at most", it means how much posts you should have on main page. Default for this option is 7 Posts. You can select 7 or below 7 posts. The less number of posts is helpful for SEO. Let suppose a person lands on your blog, if there is a high number of posts on your main page. It will take more time to load page, is one of the big reason for boredom. He will enjoy if he click on your blog link and it load instantly and fast. The best is 5 posts to select on main page. Here you can also select posts according to Day. If Days is selected, a limit of up to 500 posts will be enforced.
  • "Post Template" is the next option in post setting. By clicking this, a box will open, here in this box you write a word as you wish. This word will show in all your posts. It has no great affect on SEO if not selected.
  • "Showcase images with Lightbox" has two options i.e Yes and No. It should be on Yes position. It means, if your blog contains some images. Now a person want to click the available picture on your blog. Then it will show as the background will be dark and the picture will be visible. If selected No then the clicked picture will be opened in new tab.
  • Secondly there is setting of "Comments". Below the Comments there is an option "Comment Location", and this option contains more four drop down options i.e Embedded, Full Page, Popup Window and Hide. These are all about, how comments on your posts should be look like. The best option is to select Embedded. It will show all comments attach to the post. If select Full Page, it will open a new full page, similarly Popup window will open a new popup window for comments. You can select Hide option for hiding the comments of your post.
  • Next option is "Comment Moderation". If select Always option from here, all comments will first show in your provided email. And you are able to recommend and approve. Sometime option is not reliable as Always, because it will sometime shows in your email. The Never option means that I don't want to moderate comments. It will be directly approved and recommended, which is harmful to your blog. Anyone can attach viruses and malware to your blogs with the help of HTML Code. Therefore select option Always from this window.
  • Option "Show word verification" is describes as, when anyone want to post comment to your blog. And the option is selected Yes. Then he will automatically be asked to solve the word. This is just a security option. It has two options Yes and No. Select always Yes option.
  • "Comment Form Message" this option tells you that a person comments on your blog. You should have an auto message for him. The message should be in good manner and civilized.
  • Last options are about Sharing your blog. Make a Google+ profile and share your all posts to Google+. It will make your ranking high.
   These was Settings of Posts, Comments and Sharing. Further we will discuss more Settings. Be connected.

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3 Solid Settings Of Blogger - Posts, Comments and Sharing