Man from millions of year trying to gain more and more knowledge. There is a thirst of knowledge to everyone in this world. Today when the world is like a global village. Everyone is connected to internet and explore many things according to his wish. You can find millions of answers for your desired questions. The Print Media and the Electronic Media also has a vast role in delivering knowledge to the world. For a word or phrase, you want to get answer about, just search internet and you will find your answer in seconds. But all the answers will vary with each other. Like as there are many blogs, articles and websites available on free tutorial of Blogger. I also tried to write something about blogger training. In my previous posts I have discussed blogger from initial and today I am here with a new post. Today I will write about Email, Languages etc and other setting.

   Scroll down in Dashboard and click Settings tab you will find here Email, Language and Formatting, Search Preferences and other setting. Now I will discussed these settings in following paragraphs.

   The first tab here is "Posting using email". Here you can save your desired email address, where you want to receive your post. It has three more drop down options i.e Publish email immediately, Save emails as draft post and Disabled. This is just like your dashboard, you receive an email instead of your direct dashboard. If you to publish that email immediately, your post will be published immediately. If you want to save as draft then the email in email address will pending and will not be published immediately. The best option to select is Disabled. You will not receive your post through email and will be published directly from your blogger dashboard.

   The Language tab has two options i.e Language and Enable transliteration. From language tab you select your required language, in which you want to write. From Enable transliteration tab you can enable translation.

   First select Time Zone according to your country. Then select times format for your blog. Select time formats as you wish. How to look top time and date format and comments time and date format, it depends on you.

Search Preferences 
   In search preferences  write a powerful description for you blog but not more than 150 characters. the keywords should be chosen very carefully. This will be searched by search engines and will rank your page.

Errors and redirections  
    Custom page not found tab is used if you want to give a message to customer when there is some problems with the page or page is not opening. You can set here a message. Custom Redirect tab used to show alternate page instead of the original page. You can paste here another page URL and save it.

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