Now after discussing the settings, it is very important to discuss how to add Social Media buttons to blog in Blogger. You should connect your own social media accounts to your blog. When a reader of your blog click on any social media icon, he will be redirected to your social media account or page. It is very easy to add social media icons to your blog. read this simple step to step tutorial. 

   First of all go to google search engine and type your keyword as "social media icons" and press enter. You will see Images tab below the search bar. Click on this tab and google will search a lot of images or icons. Now you can see the pixels of all images or icons. The ideal pixel for this purpose is 42𝞦42 pixels. Now the question is how to select exactly the required pixel. No problem this is very easy. Below the Google search tab there is an option "Tools". Click this Tools tab another bar will appeared. In the new bar the first tab is "Size". Click this tab and go to "Exactly". By clicking "Exactly" a new window will be opened, now write 42 in both boxes and press Go. Google will search icons with your required pixels i.e 42𝞦42. Select your desired icons i.e Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc and download to your Computer.

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How To Add Social Media Icons To Your Blog In Blogger? 

   Now go to and click on New Post. In the Title bar write down "social media icons" and click Save as well. Remember, you should click only Save not Publish. After this go to the post body and click on Insert Image. Clicking this tab will open a new window, from here Upload image from your machine. Now when you have done uploading. Select icons one by one and edit its link. Copy your facebook profile link for facebook icon and select on Open this in new tab. Select twitter profile link and youtube channel link for twitter and youtube simultaneously. 

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   It is very important that you should be in Compose Mode. After uploading all your icons Save your post. I again urge you not to Publish only Save your post. Now select HTML. You will see your post's HTML code. Select this code and click on Blogger at the top left corner. Now scroll down and click "Layout" tab. There are different types of options e.g Favicon, Navbar, Header, Main, Sidebar Right etc. Now go Sidebar Right and click on "Add a Gadget". 

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   When you click "Add a Gadget" button you will be redirected to a new Window. From there select  "HTML/JavaScript" and click on Plus sign. After clicking Plus sign you will be redirected to a new window, Paste the HTML code here you already copied and also give a Title as "Follow Me" and press save. 

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   You are all set, refresh your blog and you will see Social Media icons on your blog. You will see all your icons with connected to your accounts.

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   If you have any question about this post please write in comments. I will be back shortly. Is this post helpful or not? Please share your opinion about this post in comments.