Now that the settings have been discussed, its time to learn, how to get traffic to your blog or website? There are many ways to get traffic and index our blog high in Search Engines. If you have not learned in the past don't worry the future is yet in your power. Read my previous posts about blogger dashboard settings here. So start today and build your future. Now some tactics are listed below for getting traffic to a blog or website. 

1.  Title
   Title of your blog should be unique. Use unique keywords for the title of your blog. Search keywords for your title here.

2. Description
   Write a brief description for your blog. Keywords should be strong. These should be related to your blog and define your blog. Irrelated descriptions will not get traffic for your blog. 

3.  Content Writing
   Write your own content. Don't copy anyone. Contents should be unique. If not required don't use heading and sub heading. Only plain content is more stronger source for traffic and SEO.

4.  Comments On Others Blogs
   This is the more powerful source of getting traffic to your website. Search for blogs related to your blogs and write comments. search for dofollow blogs and paste your blog link also with your comments. It will grow your blog traffic.

5.  Online forums
   Search for online forum related to your blog. Register on these forums and participate in different types of discussions. When you will be a trustful member in front of admin. Then he will not warn you about your link posting in discussions.

6.  Write Posts Frequently
   Write posts frequently. This will refresh your blog like comments. Comments also refresh blogs. spread your knowledge to the world don't keep this with yourself. 

7. Use of Social Media
   Social Media is the strongest weapon for getting tons of traffic to your blog or website. Make a business page on facebook and also make a group for that page to grow. The page grows the blog grows. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,delicious, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon,vk etc are the most top social websites. Make account on these sites and make a community. After some time you will be able to get traffic to your website or blog.

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15 Incredible Tricks To Get Traffic To Your Blog

8.  Use of Search Engines
   Search Engine is the type of website where user data can be searched. Almost 75% internet users serch their required data through search engines. If the data will be indexed in search engines it will be searched. The leading search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


9.  HPR Directories
   Search google for high page rank directories. Start posting your blog to these directories for getting traffic. Below is a list of some Directories for posting your blog.

10. Use links of other bloggers in your blog. There is a chance he will also post your link in his blog.

 11. Use your blog URL as signature in email. There is a chance one will click on your signature and you get traffic.

12.  Promote your blog on HPR classified sites. Here is a list of some classifieds sites where you can get real visitors to your site.

13.  Promote your blog or website on HPR wiki sites. Search wiki sites using Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engins.arch wiki sites usin

14.  Write articles about sites on HPR article sites. Search Google for article sites.

15.  Where it is necessary use software for promotion of website or blog. 

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