Today I will start my post with this golden Chinese proverb "Do not put your trust in money but put your money in trust."

   The post is all about Favicon. We will learn about favicon. What is favicon and how can we add this to our blog?

What Is Favicon?

   Favicon stands for Favourite Icon. Favicon for any website or blog is very important to express your message in front of visitors. It is also known as shortcut icon. When you open a site in browser you see a small image before website or blog name. This small image is known as Favicon. You can choose any image for your favicon having ideal dimension 16×16 pixels. It should be a square image and not more than 100KB. There are many sites available for creating free favicons for your blog or website. Favicon is very important in standing up your website while someone makes your website as bookmark. There will be a visible difference between your website and the websites having no favicon. Favicon making your site branded and give extra look. Now the question is, how to get a strong and attractive favicon for your blog or website.

How To Add or Edit Favicon To Your Blog?

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Where to get  FavIcon?

 There are a lot of websites available for creating free favicon. To get a favicon first of all go to Google Search. Search for your desired image you want to use  as favicon. When you complete your search, save your desired image on your machine. You can search your required 16×16 pixels image with the help of Google Advance Search. Where you can search your required images exactly by size. If you want to use website or other tools for this purpose then CLICK HERE. This is the required website where you can get favicon just with 2 clicks. Get favicon and make your blog or site attractive. You click this website URL you will get interface like this in below image.

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   Click Browse... you will be redirected to your images. Select desired image from your computer for favicon. Now when the file has been selected click on Create Icon. It will be changed to 16×16 pixels image and that is the required image for your blog or website favicon.  Now you will see this below interface.

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    Now click on Download FavIcon. Favicon for your blog is ready.

How to add Favicon?

   Now go to, sign in with your user name and password. In dashboard section go to Layout. Click Layout for adding or editing your favicon. Click Edit and a new window saying Configure Favicon will be opened. Click Browse... and you will be redirected to your images. Now select the image you have earlier downloaded from Favicon Generator. Click save and your favicon will be saved. After doing this process you must click Save arrangement and refresh your blog. Your favicon has been changed.

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    Blogger layout is very friendly. Within minutes you can get a beautiful layout. According to your themes you get different layout. Besides blogger's own themes you can download themes for free for your blog.

   Layout is the sum of Header, Body, Footer and Sidebars. You can   add   different  Gadgets  to your blog layout.  Layout is something the way you show your   blog to the world. Don't jumbled up many gadgets to your blog. It  can make your blog or website heavy  for surfing.  The lite the   website, the more  you   will  get traffic. Select Gadgets  that are highly required to you.  Peoples are not  visiting websites but for your content. showing powerful content will make your blog up in ranking.

   I will try my best to describe each and  everything  about blogger. So please be connected and stay tuned.  Please  mention  your  problems about  blogger  in  comment  section. I am always  here  for solving your problems.