If you want to be succeeded in your life. Then it is very necessary to be a hard worker. 

  “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

  Friends in the modern era it is very necessary to have second and also third source of income. There are many different ways of online earning.  Just search Google for a single word earn online,  tons of websites and methods are available. You can earn with different ways and one amongst these ways is Blogging. For this purpose Google provide us a free platform blogger. Therefore, first of all you should be familiar with blogger. So learn blogger and choose a topic of your interest and start blogging.

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How To Create Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimar Pages in Blogger?

 Today we shall learn about creating different pages for our blog in blogger. So don’t worry it is very easy to creat pages. We shall learn how to create Contact us, About Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. These pages are very necessary for a blog. It is also necessary for a website or blog SEO. So friends We will not waste more time. We shall start, how to create.

  First of all login to your blogger dashboard. On the left side scroll down to Pages. Click on Pages option and you will see different options. These all are about Pages.  Now click on New Page and a new interface will open. 


  You are already familiar with creating a new post in blogger. You will see the interface like that.  Now write down your desired page title in the title bar i.e About Us.  In the body section just write about yourself. That should be your Name, Address, Your Link and Contact Number etc.  Similarly You can create Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. Search Google for Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for your blog. Copy the content of the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages and paste in your body section. Remember that the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer should be free of Copy Right, Otherwise it may suspend your account. So use the Advance Search options while searching Google. After creating all your required pages, Publish these pages.

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 Now that you have created your pages so display these pages on your blog. In the left side dashboard section. Scroll down to Layout option. Click Layout option and a new interface will be opened.

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  You should display pages in the sidebar section or footer section. I have managed it in the footer section. In the footer section, click on “Add a Gadget”. A new window will be opened, now scroll down for Pages tab. Click the + sign next to Pages tab and a new window will be opened. Configure pages as you want. Just select a title for your pages. I have selected Blog as title. You will see all your created pages below, just check the pages you want to display on your blog and click Save and Save arrangement. All your pages will be saved and displayed on your blog. 

blogger in 2019

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 To create Contact Us form, it is very easy. Just click on “Add a Gadget” in the footer or sidebar section of Layout. From the new opened window just add the Contact Form to your blog. Save and Save arrangement and you are all set. 

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 Friends if you understand this post is helpful. Please follow me via your email address, comments this post and share with your friends. I shall try my best to share my blogger knowledge with you.