Stats of everything is very necessary in daily life. In our homes, workplaces we keep a record of different things. This is called record keeping and this is created systematically. Similarly google keeps a record of all activities of our websites or blogs. Today we shall discuss about Stats tab in dashboard of blogger. How to use stats tab in dashboard menu of blogger? This tab tells us about our blog or website stats i.e overview, posts, traffic sources and audience. We shall discuss all these sub tabs of Stats in following paragraphs. 

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How To Use Stats Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger - workwithmir

1. Overview
   By clicking this tab, the color will be changed to red. This is complete overview of website or blog. This is the collection of rest of the four tabs. You can see here graph, traffic sources, posts views collectively. There are many option, how to view your website overview. Select Now, Day, Week, Month or All Time. All the graphs and stats will be adjusted as you select. 


Above image shows each and everything as you select you will get the same as you want.

2. Posts
   This tab shows the stats of posts. For example your blog has 10 posts. You will see posts titles with published date, number of comments, page views and graph. Similarly you can select time frame as you wish. The graph will automatically adjusted to the time frame you selected. 

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3. Traffic Sources
   While using this tab you will see three things more i.e Referring URLs, Referring Sites and Search Keywords. As the name shows traffic sources, where are you getting traffic from to your website or blog. Referring site just tells about site but referring URL shows the full URL for your traffic source. Search keyword shows the stats of your keywords people search to access your site. 

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4. Audience
   There are also more tabs under this tab to the right side. Pageviews by countries, pageviews by browsers and pageviews by operating systems (OS) are sub tabs of this tab. You can see the stats of your traffic by country. There is a number written in front of each country name, this is the number how much people visited your website from that country. You may see browser stats like chrome, firefox and many others. There is also stats of operating system. You can see which operating system people use to access your site. 

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