Google Adsense under the flag of google provides the platform to publishers to put images, videos and online advertisements according to content and visitors. Google Adsense functions to resemble ads to sites according to audience. The advertisors pay money to google for promoting their products and google further serves ads on the publishers sites/blogs or Youtube channels for promoting advertisors products. Google Adsense is a programe all about your money. If you are the owner of a website/blog or Youtube channel and want to earn some bucks online from your home. Then it is compulsory to have Google Adsense approved and monetized account. Monetized Google Adsense account means that you are an approved Youtube partner or a blogger. 

Google Adsense Safety Tips
How To Make Your Google Adsense Account Secure With 2-Step Verification ┃ Google Adsense Account Safety Tips 

Google Adsense is used for content, images and videos while Admob is used for Applications. First of all you have to apply for Google Adsense account. After finishing signup process using your gmail address. Google Adsense staff will put your application in pending. After some days you will find a reply from Google Adsense either your account is approved or  rejected. If approval you are now their partner and start earning money from your youtube channel or website/blog. Your daily revenue shows in your Google Adsense account

2-step verification

Google Adsense is a programme of google so try to create and verify your account using gmail address. 

Make your Google Adsense account safe

For your Google Adsense account safety it is mandatory to secure your gmail account because these are interlnked. First of all go to your gmail account login page. If you have already a password but it is weak then you need to have a strong and unbelievable password. Now the question is how to change and generate a strong password for my gmail account? It is very very easy click "forgot password" and if you are unable to select a strong password. Go to google search and use keyword "password generator". You will see number of sites that generate passwords for free. I use Strong Random Password Generator. Use this site or another site as you wish to get a strong password for your gmail address. If you are using this above site there are 3 catagories of passwords weak, strong and unbelievable. Weak passwords has characters less than 16 while strong is from 16 to 128 characters. Unbelievable passwords has a length of 256 to 2048 characters which is very lengthy and difficult to remember. Ignore weak catagory passwords and choose strong catagory passwords. 

Google Adsense Account

While using first select length for your desired password,  recommend upto 30 characters for strong passwords. There is an option of selecting symbols, numbers, lowercase characters, uppercase characters. After checking all these option click "Generate Password". Now set ths newly generated password for your gmail address linked with Google Adsense account and verify. Your password has now changed.

The secong tip for protecting your Google Adsense account from hackers or someone else you have to set 2-step verification to avoid these type of activities from gmail, blogger, google drive, google play store, Admob and Google Adsense etc.

➽  First of all sign in to your gmail account. 
➽  Click on your image at the top right side.
➽ In new pop-up window click "Manage Your Google Accounts".

google mail

➽  A new page will open and select "Security" from the left side navigation menu.

security of gmail account

➽  On the new page select "2-Step Verification".

Google Adsense Account Security

➽  Click "GET STARTED" on new page.
➽  A new page will open saying "Let's Setup Your Phone".
➽  Enter your phone number and select "How Do You Want To Get Codes" either Text Message or Phone Call.
➽ There is another option too but normally text message option is used for this purpose.
➽  Then click NEXT.

google adsense account safety tips

➽ You will receive sms on your provided mobile number having Google authentication code.
➽ Copy code and paste for verification. Now your mobile number is verified and 2-step verification is ON.

google adsense

Your Google Adsense account is now protected with high security. Whenever you will make a login you will receive sms on your mobile having a code for verification. For more security keep this thing in mind not to use more than one device for login to your Google Adsense account. Everytime just use one device that should be your laptop or mobile phone. Using many devices will weaken your security and there is a chance all time to be hacked and will increase feasibility to loss your information or revenue. Don't share your password with anyone and also not to save or store your passwords on your computer or mobile phone. 


Everybody in this world want to be safe and secure. For security purpose verification is most important factor. Physical security as well as cyper security is must. We daily use internet for searching our required things i.e content, images, videos or Apps etc and we know that every moment we leak our information and loosing our privacy. Hackers can see each and every activity we perform. For this purpose we use strong passwords and other measures to be secured. For the security of our Google Adsense account we also use 2-step verification together with strong passwords. Whenever a hacker or someone else wants to access our Google Adsense account, we will be notified by google with the help of generating a random code on our mobile phone. That's the point you are informed by google about login activity of your account.

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