Add Link To An Image In Blogger To Make It Clickable

Today in free blogger tutorial we will discuss about to add link to an image in blogger. Sometimes we want to add a link to an image to make it clickable. This is for the purpose to get traffic to our blog or website or to put a referral link of any affiliate program or other sites. Let suppose I work on a freelancer website and want to promote it on my blog to get some referrals to boost my income and the website has only option of referral link and having no banners for promoting. In this case we attach the affiliate link to any other image in blogger post, when visitors click on the image he will be directed to that site.

add link to an image in bloggr
How To Add Link To An Image In Blogger - Free Blogger Tutorial

How To Add Link To An Image

➽  Go to blogger dashboard
➽  Click on New Post
➽  Select Compose mode
➽  Upload your desired image from your computer or blogger
➽  After uploading click Save

make an image clickable in blogger

➽  Now after saving the image select HTML mode for creating new post
➽  You will see an HTML code for your uploaded image

link to an image

➽  In this HTML code there is a part with yellow color
➽  Replace this yellow color part with your affiliate or referral link
➽  Click Save and select Compose mode
➽  Now click your uploaded image and a new site will be opened after publishing post
➽  That's all you have done and now all set