The training is still continue. Be patient all topics will be covered slowly. Everyone in this world want to earn some extra money. Now a person which has enough time to spend online but he doesn't know how to earn. Keep believing your self and move forward in the life. Now if you have enough time to spend, then it is necessary to have some learning for your success. If you want to start your career by writing blog. Then you are at the right place, here all topics of blogger will be discussed deeply. This post is about, how to use tools of blogger. Friends, lets start.

blogging in 2019
How To Use Blogger Tools For Creating New Post?   Above image is tolls of blogger.

blogger in 2019
   These are the two available options for writing a blog. If you are HTML specialist then use HTML. If you don't know how to use HTML then just click on Compose and start writing in normal language. When you starts with normal , Blogger automatically converts your plain language to HTML.

How To Use Blogger Tools For Creating New Post?
   These option are used for Undo and Redo. While creating a post you make some mistake. Just click on the first button and your task will be Undo. Shortcut for this option is Ctrl+Z.The next option is Redo. If mistakenly you click on Undo, and you want that was mistakenly done. Then just click on the Redo button and keep on moving. Shortcut for this option is Ctrl+Y.

    These options are use for your post Font and Font Size. From the Font tab select Font for your post. The best is the Default Font. You can select another one also. From the Font Size tab you can select size. The best option is Normal.

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   From this tab you can select the Format of your post. There are three types of headings and the other one is normal. Select Normal format for your post because this is best for SEO. Ads of advertising Companies are provided on Normal contents not on Headings. 

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   Bold, Italic and Underline. These three options are used for your post contents display. How the contents will be look like. You can keep Bold, Italic or Underline. As you wish.

How To Use Blogger Tools For Creating New Post?
   This is the Strikethrough option. When an author write a post and publish it. After some time he thinks that any part of the post is now not valid for the readers. Then by updating the whole post, he just Strikethrough the required contents of the post. Example of Strikethrough is as below;
This is not for readers.
Just select the content you want to Strikethrough and click on Strikethrough tab.

blogger in 2019
   These options are used for Text Color and Text Background Color. You want to give some other color to your text. Just select the text and click the first tab and select a color. Now you want to highlight the text, change the color of its background.Just select the text and click on the second tab and select a color.

how to use blogger
    These all are inserting option. You want to insert different things like Link, Image, Videos, Special Characters and Jump Break. By clicking the Link tab you will be directed to a window. There you write text and web address you wish. You can also insert an email address. 

  • Next you want to insert an image to your post. There are many option how to select an image. For example from your computer, from this blog or from a URL etc.
  • Next one is inserting Videos tab. Just click and insert a video to your post. You can also upload a video from youtube.
  • Next option is for inserting Special Characters. From here you can select punctuations, arrows, symbols and emojis etc.
  • Next option is available for insert jump break. You want to separate or divide your post. Just click this option and a breakable line will be inserted to your post.

how to learn blogger
   It is used for, where to arrange your content on the page. From Left. right, Centre or justify. Justify is the best option.

learn blogger
   If you want to define something step wise and want to give numbers to the content. Just click on the 1,2,3 tab, your content will be automatically numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on. If you to just give bullets instead of numbers. Simply click the bullets option.
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    Select this option if you want to write something in Quote form.

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   This is very important option. If you want to copy some content from a website and paste it in your post. Now you copied the text, the same format will be pasted to your post. May be there are ads on this text. That will also be copied. Therefore this is very necessary to format text. Just copy the text and at the time of pasting to your post, press Shift+Ctrl+V. And the text will be normally pasted to your post.

free blogger tutorial
   The first tab is used for Check Spelling. While creating a post just keep it on for spelling checking.

  • Next option is available for translation. Drop down tab is for selecting the language. 
  • The last options are Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left. These are used for your writing option, where do you want to write from?

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