Today I am about to start my post with these golden words "Start where you are, use what you have, Do what you Can." Some peoples afraid and they think that They have nothing to start with. It doesn't matter just start with available sources and try to do your best. I personally think that every man in this world has some God gifted powers and thoughts. So be positive and start what do you have. So friends I want to start new post here.

   By clicking New Post in Blogger You will see interface like this.

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7 amazing Settings About Post In Blogger

Now look at the right side highlighted options, this is our topic. We will discussed these options today. The available options are Lables, Schedule, Permalink, Location, Search Description, Options, Custom Robots Tags.

   These are basically used for what your articles or post about. If your blog is about online earning. There are thousands of ways of online earnings. Let suppose your posts are about PTC sites, Captcha Work, Blog Writing etc. Now you can manage all these posts here. Click lables option and a box will be appeared. Write down your required lables in the box separated by a comma.

   This tab is having two more options i.e Automatic and Set date and time. By selecting Automatic option your post will be published automatically when you click Publish Tab. While the other option is used for Schedule. If you want to not publish post automatically, then just click this option and select Date and time for your blog publishing. Let suppose you have written three posts and you want to publish these posts intervally.  Just schedule your posts as you want.

   This tab has also two more options i.e Automatic Permalink and Custom Permalink. Selecting Automatic Permalink will give automatic URL link to your post. For Example Look at the highlighted text and keep in mind. Now I want to select Custom Permalink. A box will appear, just write something in this box. Let suppose I want to write EARNING and click Done. Now the link will look like This is now the shot link as you wanted.

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   It is used for your post location. It has not a great effect on SEO. You may get benefit if someone is searching about the location as you mentioned for your post. Then there is a chance to show your post also in search.

Search Description
   This is very important for SEO. Write a strong description for your blog. Search Engines will search your description and your blog will be ranked by search engines.

   There are some options i.e you want to allow reader comments or don't allow. You may select composing mode and line breaks.

Custom Robots Tags
   Keep this options as default. For more setting please CLICK HERE.