Creation and deletion are something which go together. Sometime we create something and later we want to delete because we dislike that thing or due to any other reason. In free blogger tutorial we are going to discuss how to delete a blog in blogger? It is very easy process, just in some clicks a blog could be deleted. 

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How To Delete A Blog In Blogger? Free Blogger Tutorial

  • Sing in to
  • Select your blog you want to delete
  • In the left menu scroll down to Settings
  • In Settings menu go to Other
  • Now click Other
  • In right side you see Delete Blog
  • Click Delete Blog
  • You will receive a message window from Google saying that deleted blogs can be restored within 90 days before they are removed forever. You can create another blog at this address using the Google Account you're currently logged in with. Before you delete your blog, do you want to export it? 
  • If you want to Download Blog then download
  • Otherwise delete blog
  • Your blog is deleted.

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