After completing basic lessons of blogger settings. Now its time to know about new post. The question is how to create new post in blogger. I shall not waste your precious time friends.

  • First of all sign in to your blogger Dashboard.

  • At the left side you will see the name of your blog.

  • Exactly to the right side of your blog name, there is a tab New post.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

  • Click New post.

  • A new interface will open.

  • In the new interface there is a variety of tabs and tools used while creating a new post. After reading my all posts I hope you are now able to use all these tabs and tools. If you are facing some problems about using these tools see my post Blogger Tools For Creating New Post.

  • First of all write Title of your post, means what you are going to discuss in this post.


  • Below the title there is a joint tab Compose HTML. HTML experts using HTML tab while other using Compose tab.

  • Below this tab there is a variety of tools. These all tools and tabs are used in new post. From here you can write your post in bold form or underline form and Italic form. You have the control to highlight your text or background color. You have the facility to insert URL Links, photos and videos with the help of these tools. You can do tons of actions here. 

  • Use the post setting tools to the right side like as Labels, Schedule, Permalink and many others. If you are not familiar with these tabs then you have to read my post Post Settings - Blogger.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

  • At the last use the Publish, Save, Preview and Close tabs. 

blogger in 2019

  • You can save new post as you write. From here Publish your post.

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