Backlinks play a vast role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Backlinks are very important to get organic traffic. Backlinks are the links or hyperlinks on other's websites or blogs to redirected to your blog or website. It is very important to get backlinks for your website to rank high in search engines. Backlinks matter and play a major role to optimize your site. Also, google counts backlinks to your site to rank your page. While making backlinks, don't ignore Google's terms and conditions, which means don't get backlinks from restricted sites. Google also follows some rules to rank a new page. They don't trust every new page to rank. 

how to create backlinks in 2020
How To Create Backlinks For Your Blog?

Backlinks are a heavy weapon for Google to check a page reputation e.g a new page is recommended by a well-known site and they have no setting of 'nofollow' links in their script. Then this backlink will be a 'dofollow' link. Now the question is what are nofollow and dofollow links. So it is very easy to understand if the owner of that site where you have got backlink recommends your site. Then there is a chance for your site to be ranked in Google and this is called dofollow backlink. If the owner of the site do not want to recommend your site then that backlink will be considered as nofollow backlink. 

You can get backlinks to your blog or website using different methods. Write guest posts on related websites. Comments on other people's blogs and websites related to your blog. Use a forum related to your blog and use email signature. Interlink your blog posts and update your social media account is also used for getting backlinks. 

Now I am going to demonstrate you how to create a dofollow backlink.

1. Go to this website (DA 92).


2. Open a post and scroll down to the comment box.
3. Write your name, email and your comments.
4. Now where you want to publish your website URL (DA), link those content to your blog or website URL.

how to create a backlink

5. Now if you want to publish your post link then link your desired keyword you want to rank to your post URL (PA).

Create Backlinks For Your Blog

6. If you want to see is this a nofollow or dofollow link, so inspect your URL. You will see that there is nothing mentioned in the script so this is a dofollow backlink.

create a backlink for your blog

7. The script is visible in front of you.

How To Create Backlinks For Your Blog?


Friends, it is very very important to get backlinks to your blog or website. It will rank your site high in Google. If you find where your competitors are getting backlinks from. Then you may easily beat your competitors and rank number 1 for that particular keyword. So don't leave the battle, stay and you will be succeeded.  Start getting backlinks and promote your business to the world.