A schedule is simply setting the time for something (tasks, activities) that you want to do in the future. Blogger post scheduling is one of Blogger's best features. There are many other great blogger features, but users don't know how to use them? Understanding all available blogger functions is very difficult, but not impossible. There is a purpose behind all the functions used in the blogger. So if you use blogger platform for blogging, you need enough knowledge about using all aspects of blogger.

Schedule blogger posts
How To Schedule A Post In Blogger?

Today we will talk about the schedule function in blogger. Scheduling a blogger post is also very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Think about writing a post at midnight and you're geotarget is only your country or continent. That is why it is very important to know at what time a large number of network users spend time looking for something that interests them. The best moment is planning your post during the day, and this is the best time to post it. Another reason for the scheduling entry is to manage your future free time. Let's say that in the next ten days you will enjoy the journey and want to write posts on your blog. Then start writing posts on your blog today and plan them for this specific period.

Now the question is how to plan a blogger post. Don't panic, we're here for you. It's very easy to plan a blogger post. Follow the steps below to schedule your post.

➤  Go to blogger dashboard.
➤   Click New post.

scheduling a post

➤   Now write your desired post you want to publish for your followers or users. After writing don't save it to draft, just click on the schedule tab at the right side bar.

blogger post schedule

➤   When you click schedule you can see two more options i.e Automatic and Set date and time.

schedule a post

➤   Now select set date and time. After selecting you are able to see a calendar. 

blogger post schedule

➤   Now select date and time for your post and click Done.

schedule blogger post

➤   Now click Publish and you are all right.

blogger post schedule

➤   You will see a tag attached to your post means you have scheduled your post.

schedule a post in blogger


In my view it is very important to schedule a post in blogger. It makes your task easy when you have a very tough and busy schedule in near future. In one day you may write several posts for your blog but for better visibility to your users just schedule your posts and rank high in search engines.

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