The process of learning can be defined in many ways, learning is possible by seeing, writing or speaking. In the modern age it is very important to have some knowledge of diverse subjects like modern-day technology, enterprise, fitness, commerce, finance, media and different factor like this. Similarly if you want to learn and earn at a time. Then blogging is a golden opportunity to start. For blogging it is very important to select topic wisely and have some knowledge, where to start blogging? For this purpose use the free platform of Google named blogger. But now the question is how to start with blogger? Then you are at the right place, we provide blogger training completely free of cost. After reading our blog you are able to use blogger independently. We use very simple and easy language in this free blogger tutorial.

How To Use Post Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger

  • Sign in to your blog.
  • Now go to your blogger dashboard.
  • Click post tab in dashboard menu.
  • There are three sub tabs under Posts tab i.e All, Draft and Published.
  • All means all posts Draft and Published.
  • Draft means the posts under process.
  • Published means the posts have been published.

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How To Use Post Tab In Dashboard Menu Of Blogger - workwithmir

   Now when you click All under Posts tab. All posts are appeared in right side. The color of Posts tab and All tab will change to RED. Draft and Published posts will be appeared in right side.

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   Similarly by selecting Draft you will just see Draft posts and by selecting Published, only published posts will be seen. Now if this is required to Edit, View or Delete a post from blog. Just take your cursor to the required post and these option will appear there. You have the choice to see only one post, edit or delete post.

blogger tutorial in 2019

   Are you ready to start blogging and learn blogger for this purpose. Then don't waste your time and start. Please support us with your worthy comments.

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